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Home Monitoring 

After performing an analysis, a customized checklist of services will be created to meet your requirements. A partial list of our services has been provided below. If you need a service that you don't see, please ask us. If we can't do it, we know who can.

If desired, you will receive a detailed report after each visit via email or text to keep you abreast on inspection performed and any issues that may arise. Or, if you just want to know only if there are issues, we can do that as well.

Our mission at HOME WATCH of Monmouth is to provide the homeowner with PEACE OF MIND through DETAIL-ORIENTEDKNOWLEDGEABLE and TRUSTED partners.

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Check List


  • Forced Entry

  • Vandalism

  • Flooding

  • Moisture Problems

  • Plumbing Failures

  • Pest Invasion

  • Frozen / Broken Pipes

  • Tripped Breakers

  • Function of the furnace/heater or air conditioner

  • Storm Damage

  • Function of the refrigerator

  • Removal of newspapers/junk mail

  • Check functionality of security system

  • Resetting electric appliances/breakers from power outage/surge

  • Check smoke alarms/replace batteries

  • Blinds are adjusted

  • Flush/check all toilets

  • Run/check all faucets

  • Run kitchen sink disposal

  • Function of the furnace/heater or air conditioner

  • Doors/windows locked

  • Window/door leaks

  • Skylight leaks

  • Function of the refrigerator

  • Check thermostat & alarm battery

  • Check for floor warping

  • Check/adjust hot water heater


  • Inspect area for vandalism and forced entry

  • Check doors, windows & screens to be sure they are secure

  • Clear out unwanted flyers and newspapers from your yard/mail box

  • Move delivered packages inside

  • Check roof and gutters

  • Check outside faucets

  • Check for drainage issues

  • Check for erosion problems

  • Exterior home wear and tear (stucco cracks, paint problems, visible roof damage)

  • Weed control issues

  • General landscape monitoring

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